Churches & Bells of Worcester

St Andrew's

Formerly 5 Bells, Tenor about 20 cwt

Only the tower and spire of this church remain. The spire is particularly fine and is known locally as "The Glover's Needle".It is exceptionally slender and is reputed to be the tallest in the country with such a narrow angle of taper. There were once five bells, but four were sold in 1870.


The medieval tenor (about 20 cwt) still hangs in the old frame. The City Council, as a Golden Jubilee (2003) project, has installed a clock (without dials) that strikes the hours throughout the day. This bell was originally given to the church to be the "Council Bell", to be rung to summon meetings of the City Council. That formality is once again observed, the bell being rung (electrically) from 6.45 to 6.50pm before each full meeting of the Council. Thus, after having been silent for about 100 years, St Andrew's Bell is heard once again.



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