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St John-the-Baptist, Claines

10 Bells, Tenor 13-3-26 in F sharp (GF)

The ancient parish of Claines was once very extensive, bounding the city walls on the north side. As Worcester expanded, so new parishes were created out of Claines parish in the northern part of the city, the effect of which was to leave the church outside the city boundary, but part of its parish still within. Recently, however, the city boundary has expanded again and the church  (14th Century, and later) is now within the City, yet still standing in the countryside. The light ring of ten has always proved popular both for outings and peal ringing. In October 1998, a "double peal" of Surprise Royal was rung here as one of the "Three 10,000s in a Day" project. Situated very conveniently next to the church is "The Mug House", a very old and popular pub.

The back five bells are 17th century (except 7th recast 1886). The augmentation to eight was by Taylor's, in 1927, and to ten,by Taylor's again, in 1940. The donor of the bells was Mr E.P. "Pumpy" Thomas whose local factory made the "Climax" windmill operated water-pumps which were distributed all over the world.

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Sundays: 10.15-10.55am

Wednesdays: 7.30 - 9.00pm

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