Churches & Bells of Worcester


St Helen's

Formerly 8 Bells, Tenor 18-2-27 in E

The present building stands on the site of what is believed to be the earliest church in Worcester, probably dating from the Roman occupation. By the time of WW II, the church had ceased to be used for worship and was put to various uses until, in 1956, it became the County Record Office. It remained in their occupation until 2001 but has now been returned to All Saints Parish to which it is a ‘Chapel-of-Ease’. It is now serving the parish in a variety of ways including regular informal services on Sunday evenings (6.30pm)

The eight bells (tenor 18 cwt), cast by Richard Sanders of Bromsgrove in 1706, were well-used at one time, but in 1951 they were taken down and scrapped. The bell frame remains. The bells had a unique set of inscriptions commemorating the victories of the Duke of Marlborough, and their loss is to be regretted. Sixty-two peals are recorded as having been rung in the tower.


For further information  about activities at St Helen’s visit the parish website http://www.allsaintsworcester.org.uk


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